Orbis Signature Website


Orbis Signature had a well-established business in their home state of Illinois but needed a new website for their second location in Northern Wisconsin. The owners had already hired a media company to build their site, but were frustrated after going back and forth on the copy decisions for months and still not getting what they wanted.

The original copy did not engage potential customers, rather it was focused on the company instead of the benefits of working with Orbis.

And, the owners felt the original copy was too “corporate” and “hype-y” for their client base in such a rural area. They wanted their website copy to be conversational and honest, reflecting how they worked with their clients in real life.


Since the layout was already in place, we rewrote the copy from top to bottom with three goals in mind:

  • Invite readers in and keep them reading with client-centered language
  • Share the benefits of working with Orbis versus their competitors
  • Make it easy to contact Orbis

So, we updated all copy to be action-oriented and to the point. We also highlighted values we thought would be most important to customers in the Northwoods, such as high-quality builds, fair pricing, and hiring a company with experience and integrity. Lastly, we swapped a toll-free number for a local one, sending a message to potential customers that when they call, they’ll talk with a real live human being.