Event Communications


Planning a major event is hard enough as it is, but convincing inspiring attendees to plan ahead, purchase tickets, recruit friends, plan their bidding strategy, and get happy enough to bid but not so loose that they forget to bid…these are extra challenging!


Enticing, compelling event communications are a must. A comprehensive communication plan can help ensure that people are going to show up and know *enough* of what’s going on to raise their paddles high.

For the annual gala auction, this school began sending out regular event communications about 3 months in advance with a Save the Date, followed by a formal invitation. Bi-weekly emails with deadlines and package descriptions generated interest. And, several on-campus events and incentives helped spur momentum so that by the time the auction was happening, everyone was ready!

These events sold out (400 tickets) and set records for money raised. They were joyful, inspiring, and worth all the fuss leading up to the events. See some examples below: