Lemon Zest Copywriting Portfolio

The best way to determine if you like a copywriter’s style is by looking at their work. Check out some of our favorite projects below:

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AMH Website

Help customers find your site with in-depth content pages.

S&S Treeworkx Website

A fresh start means building a new website from scratch

Noble Root Website

Attract ideal customers through clear, inviting, and SEO-optimized language.

Event Communications

Ensure people show up and know *enough* of what’s going on to have a wonderful and generous time

Catlin Gabel Newsletter

A freshly written newsletter for grandparents and special friends

Catalog Descriptions

Entice supporters to place bids on auction items and packages

Orbis Signature Website

Conversational and honest copy reflects how the business works in real life

Manitowish Waters Visitor Guide

The cornerstone of a tourist town’s marketing outreach

Giving Tuesday @ WinMan

An organization’s first fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday

Annual Fund Appeal

Annual Fund appeal package for a PS-12 independent school

Ads & Brochures

Short but powerful copy for attracting eyeballs to the page and the organization

Giving Tuesday @ CGS

Giving Tuesday campaign for a PS-12 independent school