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You'll like our style if you are a human who talks to other humans. Your supporters want to hear how YOU can help THEM solve a problem or fulfill a need, so let's get started!

Amanda Cowart, founder

Working as a teacher for nine years was great training for copywritingthere's no fooling children! Either your words make sense to them, or your message falls flat...

(And it's clear when things aren't working.)

The rules of copywriting are similarly simple:

  • Capture their attention
  • Evoke emotion (make the reader laugh or cry, best if both)
  • Be honest
  • Show the reader you care
  • Give clear directions (call to action)

I carried these practices with me as I transitioned out of the classroom and into the advancement office of an innovative school. There, I helped raise almost $2MM annually through hundreds of direct response emails, fundraising appeals, event communications, auction package/catalog descriptions, newsletter articles, and more.

At Lemon Zest Copywriting, our most important job is to take the message from your head, your heart, or your boardroom, and translate it in a way that inspires your readers to take action.

Using best practices for direct response copy, we'll spark their interest, engage their heart muscle, and ask them to support your organization.

You'll like working with Lemon Zest Copywriting if you are a human who talks to other humans.

Your supporters want to help you solve a problem or fulfill a need, but they need to know how. So let's get started!

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